IMH Campus (IMH): The IMH CAMPUS works to stimulate the development and progress of the Advanced and Digital Manufacturing sector. In an increasingly competitive sector, one must offer adequate training to the youth, paying heed to the concrete needs of companies regarding both skilled professionals and the area of preparation in new technology. In this context, the IMH is developing different strategies to support SMEs.

The IMH CAMPUS has an advanced manufacturing workshop composed of subtractive manufacturing technologies, such as additive manufacturing (including three metal technologies), with space for CNC demonstrators, such as robotics and vision, in a digitised environment. The development of the competencies that face these challenges and the learning capacity of people are key factors. Therefore, in addition to what is learned, how to learn is also crucial. The IMH CAMPUS can contribute both technological (what) and methodological aspects (how, with dual training and learning based on problems and projects), focusing on people and their competencies and on the needs of companies, especially SMEs. In addition to working on transversal and attitudinal competencies, which are a priority in the current context of accelerated change.

In the educational field, it is to highlight its experience in dual training and active teaching-learning methodologies. Its educational offer ranges from vocational education to university and from initial to continuing education.