The TUBS is a member of the TU9 network of excellent technical universities in Germany. The Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology (IWF) with 80 researchers led by Prof. Klaus Dröder (male) focuses on future manufacturing strategies that enable the production of functionalized products with highest efficiency and flexibility in terms of quantity and variants. For training and in-situ teaching, the IWF operates a learning factory and a very wide range of machinery, not only for students but also for the university’s trainees in manufacturing-related professions. Within its membership in the International Association of Learning Factories and long-term collaborations with personnel exchange, the IWF cooperates on an international level with similar institutions in Europe, Singapore and India.

Entrepreneurship is anchored at the university through teaching and research, for which the Entrepreneurship Hub is responsible. Core target is to establish the startup culture and strengthen the startup motivation of students by use of experimental teaching formats such as methods of lean entrepreneurship and design thinking, and the innovative high-tech business models for spin-offs. In addition, the Entrepreneurship Hub researches the latest findings in the field of transforming scientific knowledge into innovative products and services. The resulting methods and approaches innovate the entrepreneurship didactics and the operative start-up support of the university.